Sunday, 2 November 2008

Two weeks, no house, Bananaman and a big move

So, I figured that there was no good reason for investing a little time in getting involved in a bit of writing. Let's be honest, it's been a while since it was really done with any real gutso. Probably somewhere in the region of three years. Which is pretty terrible. No apologies can be given for flagrant self-indulgence in these musings.

In the first installment of what will become a regular feature we find ourselves in a fairly odd position. It's been three-and-half years since I left the mighty town of Warrington and in two weeks today, I'll be moving back. This is great - but it's also a very sad end of an era. London, despite it's many faults has been good. I've learnt more that I ever imagined, developed tastes I never thought possible and met some truly amazing people. The guys from Google, Orange, AOL, Microsoft and Monster have all provided some unqiue insights into an industry that always held a certain fascination.

Fortunately, I'll be back in London on a regular basis so this aspect of things should continue. And, with the BBC and ITV moving to MediaCity @ Salford Quays - plus many more eyeing up the move, it's going to be a great time to be in and around Manchester. Happy days. Plus, all the usual reasons for being in Warrington. The move can't come quickly enough.

So, as we move towards this move, we found ourselves having crashed through Halloween and aiming for Bonfire Night in a few days time. All of this is, of course, coupled with the credit crunch crunching consumerist efforts. Oddly, one of the most impressive pieces of entertainment ever, Dead Set, has tied in nicely with this. Good job Channel 4. The underlying social commentary was subtle and interesting. The final scene with the lead, newly transformed into the living dead, staring blankly at the camera hit home nicely. The rest of the program was in the same vain. And also amusingly, disturbingly entertaining.

Now, it's Sunday morning. What better to do than settle down and crack on with some use-cases for a future site release. We're going to need a lot of tea for this...

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